About the charity

Hope and Aid DirectHope and Aid Direct is a volunteer network of individuals within the UK. Since 1999 they have been making a difference to the lives of people mainly in the Balkans who continue to suffer as a result of conflict, as well as in other parts of the world as demand has been needed. Many fragile communities still live on the edge of despair with massive unemployment and an ever-increasing gap between those who have, and those who have nothing. The situation for many in this region is becoming even more critical as economic decline reduces the opportunity for these proud people to help themselves.

The current migrant crisis is also being supported by Hope and Aid Direct.  More details about what we are doing in Europe can be found by visiting the Hope and Aid Direct website.

The charity raises money in the UK and uses it to source and transport food, clothing, tools, educational and medical materials. Through two annual convoys volunteers deliver this humanitarian aid directly into the hands of refugees, displaced persons or those at risk. Their focus is currently split between Kosovo and Greece (Lesbos) although aid has also been delivered to Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Zambia and Sri Lanka. They work in conjunction with both local in-country charities and international agencies such as The Mother Theresa Society and UNHCR to identify those families, individuals and institutions most in need. Your donations will help us to continue helping these forgotten communities by funding the transportation and distribution costs.

Hope and Aid Direct is a UK Registered Charity it has no paid staff, only volunteers and is not affiliated to any particular organisation, religion or ethnic group. Their motto is simple: ‘We take aid, not sides’

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